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Casino Aschaff

Aktuelles Kinoprogramm für Casino Aschaffenburg · Aschaffenburg (Innenstadt) · Kinoprogramm · Kino - Casino - in Aschaffenburg. Der aktuelle Spielplan, das komplette Programm für heute und die aktuelle Spielwoche in Deinem Kino. Jetzt bei kinoheld Kinotickets für Casino Filmtheater Aschaffenburg in Aschaffenburg schnell und bequem online kaufen.

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Für diese Seite sind keine Informationen verfügbar. Casino Kino, Aschaffenburg | Kino | Ticketreservierung, Kinobeschreibung und Bewertung. Aktuelles Kinoprogramm für Casino Aschaffenburg · Aschaffenburg (Innenstadt) · Kinoprogramm · CASINO Filmtheater Aschaffenburg, Aschaffenburg, Germany. likes · 20 talking about this · were here. Ausgezeichnet für ein hervorragendes. Kino - Casino - in Aschaffenburg. Der aktuelle Spielplan, das komplette Programm für heute und die aktuelle Spielwoche in Deinem Kino. Hier finden Sie die Details über das Kino Casino in Aschaffenburg. Eine aktuelle Programmübersicht, Öffnungszeiten, Telefonnummer und die komplette Kino. Das komplette aktuelle Kinoprogramm für Casino Aschaffenburg in Aschaffenburg ().

Casino Aschaff

Casino Kino, Aschaffenburg | Kino | Ticketreservierung, Kinobeschreibung und Bewertung. CASINO Filmtheater Aschaffenburg, Aschaffenburg, Germany. likes · 20 talking about this · were here. Ausgezeichnet für ein hervorragendes. Jetzt bei kinoheld Kinotickets für Casino Filmtheater Aschaffenburg in Aschaffenburg schnell und bequem online kaufen. Casino Filmtheater Ohmbachsgasse 1 Gratis Online Spiele Jetzt, Aschaffenburg. An den Kinokassen gekaufte Eintrittskarten bewahren Sie bitte auf. Nun ist es aber so gekommen und wir hoffen auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen — gleich im Dezember! Online gekaufte Eintrittskarten werden von unserem Ticketanbieter automatisch für Sie kostenfrei Slots Play For Fun. Man könnte es kultiviertes gastronomisches Angebot nennen, was die Macher dort auffahren. Timeoutwert für die Standortsuche wurde überschritten. Adresse: Ohmbachsgasse 1Aschaffenburg.

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I sailed in dec. Enjoy your cruise. You can watch her come and go from wired newyork webcam3. She's Beautiful!!! Love this topic.

Anyone else have any suggestions? Can't wait to sail in November :D. I heard there is secret door to a secret palce on deck 7 or any deck with balconies.

Open it anyway and trun right or left depending on which side you are on and there is deck that is right at the front of the ship no lights no chairs nothing except you the open water and the stars above.

One Cc memeber Radio posted some awesome pictures on here of the ship.. Oh, you're cruising on her two weeks before me I've read some really great things about this ship!!

Keep the info. We sail the Glory in about 48 hours!!! Can someone explain which dining room we go to for dinner?

Do you get to choose? What is the name of the other dining room? We are former NCL cruisers and have never sailed Carnival. I think its the golden dining room, someone let me know if I am wrong.

The dining room is awesome as are the waiters. I hope you get a great table. We had regular dining time at 6 pm. When we were on the cruise, it was either the 2nd or 3rd day we went to the art auction, well my husband said he would be right back.

Upon his return he said someone in the casino just won ninty seven thousand dollars. What a sailing we had. We did not buy any art. We enjoyed the whole eastern side of the carribiean.

Have a great time. I have attached some pictures for you, One is our room with ocean view, and the dining room.

Sort of a sneak peek. Have fun!! Food at deli and Chinese is yummy! They have an adult section on ship that you can hang out and read.

So far my favorite carnival ship. It depends on what you like. We are taking a cruise in November and hitting the same ports. I have been going over the ports of call forums and making a list of things to do at each port and then scaling it down from there.

I take info from here and also other travel web sites to make sure I know what I am getting. I have found that I also like independent excursions rather than the ones offered by the ship.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

Sign in here. By LauraS Started November 3. Carnival Cruise Lines. Carnival Glory Secrets? Recommended Posts. Posted July 9,

Situiert im Herzen von Aschaffenburgs Innenstadt wählt das Casino die gezeigten Filme mit Bedacht aus und bietet allerlei Drumherum zum optimalen Wohlfühlerlebnis. Auf Anweisung der Bundesregierung ist unser Kino vom 2. Das ist nur eine der vielen Besonderheiten in Aschaffenburgs Filmtheater. Schnauz Kartenspiel Gratis Gutscheine. Darüber freuen Sich Ihre Liebsten — und wir auch. FILM Arthouse. Vorübergehend erreichen Sie uns nur per Email unter post at casino-aschaffenburg. Oh, you're cruising on her two weeks before me He was the author of numerous tracts, several of them of an amusing and satirical character. The mountain Del2 Ergebnisse is here Wieviel Ist Eine Legion its broadest, being about miles Poker Software Deutsch. Seit gibt es südlich von Schweinheim das Nationale Naturerbe Aschaffenburg. Es wird fälschlicherweise oft angenommen, dass der Name Aschaffenburg von Ascanius abstammt. Anderson of the Orient Line of steamers. They have an adult section on ship that you can hang out and read. The animal exhales or gives out carbonic acid as the part result of its tissue-waste, whilst the plant, taking in this gas, is enabled to decompose it into its constituent carbon and oxygen. A solid angle is that which is made by more than two plane angles meeting in one point and not lying in the same plane, as the angle of a cube.

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Casino Aschaff - Leider ist derzeit kein Programm verfügbar.

Timeoutwert für die Standortsuche wurde überschritten. Vorübergehend erreichen Sie uns nur per Email unter post at casino-aschaffenburg. Nun ist es aber so gekommen und wir hoffen auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen — gleich im Dezember! Zurück zu den Suchergebnissen. Ihr aktueller Standort Free Slots Download For Android nicht gefunden werden. Wegbeschreibung ab:. Völlig verdient sahnt das liebevoll geführte Kino diese Medaillen ab. Zur Website. Ihr Team des Casino. Auf Anweisung der Bundesregierung ist unser Kino vom 2. Ohmbachsgasse 1Aschaffenburg. We hear, also, of laws issued by other kings which have been lost, and there must have Casino Lichtspiele Meiningen a considerable body of traditional law which was never committed to writing. In the two former colleges were united by Act of Parliament. Several of his orations are extant, one called On the Mysteries being the best. Died Dezember deutlich überschritten. Jetzt bei kinoheld Kinotickets für Casino Filmtheater Aschaffenburg in Aschaffenburg schnell und bequem online kaufen. An allen Plätzen gibt es kleine Tischchen zum Abstellen von Getränken oder kleinen Speißen. Bilder. Das Casino in Aschaffenburg. [Foto: Casino Filmtheater, Ohmbachsgasse 1, Aschaffenburg. Situiert im Herzen von Aschaffenburgs Innenstadt wählt das Casino die gezeigten Filme mit​.

Anderson , Joseph, Scottish antiquary, born in , became a school teacher, was for some years newspaper editor, and in was appointed keeper of the National Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh.

He died in Anderson , Robert, M. He furnished biographical and critical notices for A Complete Edition of the Poets of Great Britain , and was for a time editor of the Edinburgh Magazine.

The observations of his last voyage were published in in Notes of Travel in South Africa. In absolute length miles no single chain of mountains approaches the Andes, and only a certain number of the higher peaks of the Himalayan chain rise higher above the sea-level; which peak is the highest of all is not yet settled.

Several main sections of this huge chain are distinguishable. The Southern Andes present a lofty main chain, with a minor chain running parallel to it on the east, reaching from Tierra del Fuego and the Straits of Magellan, northward to about lat.

North of this is the double chain of the Central Andes, enclosing the wide and lofty plateaus of Bolivia and Peru, which lie at an elevation of more than 12, feet above the sea.

The mountain system is here at its broadest, being about miles across. Here are also several very lofty peaks, as Illampu or Sorata 21, feet , Sahama 21, feet , Illimani 21, feet.

Farther north the outer and inner ranges draw closer together, and in Ecuador there is but a single system of elevated masses, generally described as forming two parallel chains.

In this section are crowded together a number of lofty peaks, most of them volcanoes, either extinct or active.

Of the latter class are Pichincha 15, feet , with a crater feet deep; Tunguragua 16, feet ; Sangay 17, feet ; and Cotopaxi 19, feet. The loftiest summit here appears to be Chimborazo 20, feet ; others are Antisana 19, feet and Cayambe 19, feet.

Northward of this section the Andes break into three distinct ranges, the east-most running north-eastward into Venezuela, the westmost running north-westward to the Isthmus of Panama.

In the central range is the volcano of Tolima 17, feet. The western slope of the Andes is generally exceedingly steep, the eastern much less so, the mountains sinking gradually to the plains.

The whole range gives evidence of volcanic action, but it consists almost entirely of sedimentary rocks.

Thus mountains may be found rising to the height of over 20, feet, and fossiliferous to their summits as Illimani and Sorata or Illampu. There are about thirty volcanoes in a state of activity.

The heights of the others vary from 13, to 20, feet. All the districts of the Andes system have suffered severely from earthquakes, towns having been either destroyed or greatly injured by these visitations.

Peaks crowned with perpetual snow are seen all along the range, and glaciers are also met with, more especially from Aconcagua southwards.

The passes are generally at a great height, the most important being from 10, to 15, feet. Railways have been constructed to cross the chain at a similar elevation.

The Andes are extremely rich in the precious metals, gold, silver, copper, platinum, mercury, and tin all being wrought; lead and iron are also found.

Among birds, the condor is the most remarkable. Except in the south and north little rain falls on the western side of the range, and in the centre there is a considerable desert area.

On the east side the rainfall is heavy in the equatorial regions, but in the south is very scanty or altogether deficient.

From the Andes rise two of the largest water systems of the world—the Amazon and its affluents, and the La Plata and its affluents. Besides which, in the north, from its slopes flow the Magdalena to the Caribbean Sea, and some tributaries to the Orinoco.

The mountain chain pressing so close upon the Pacific Ocean, no streams of importance flow from its western slopes. The number of lakes is not great; the largest and most important is that of Titicaca on the Bolivian plateau.

In the Andes are towns at a greater elevation than anywhere else in the world, the highest being the silver-mining town of Cerro de Pasco 14, feet , the next being Potosi.

Andesite is often porphyritic in character, with large crystals of felspar scattered through it. These rocks are commonly eruptive products of volcanoes of the tertiary or more recent periods, and the name was given by C.

The Ochils and other hills of middle Scotland largely consist of andesite. The wood is suitable for building purposes. The bark of A.

The powdered bark of A. He took an active part in public affairs, and was four times exiled; the first time along with Alcibiades, for profaning the Eleusinian mysteries.

Several of his orations are extant, one called On the Mysteries being the best. It has been a separate State for six hundred years, is governed by its own civil and criminal codes, and has its own courts of justice, the laws being administered by two judges, one of whom is chosen by France, the other by the Bishop of Urgel, in Spain.

The little State pays an annual due of francs to France, and pesetas to the Bishop of Urgel. The chief industry is the rearing of sheep and cattle.

The commerce is largely in importing contraband goods into Spain. The inhabitants, who speak the Catalan dialect of Spanish, are simple in their manners, their wealth consisting mainly of cattle and sheep.

The village of Old Andorra is the capital. Interesting Roman remains have been found in the vicinity. He took part in the revolution of , was condemned to death, but escaped and went into exile.

He was appointed Premier when self-government was restored to Hungary in ; became imperial Minister for Foreign Affairs in , but retired from public life in Andrassy , Julius, Hungarian statesman, son of the preceding.

He was born in , and entered the Reichstag in He became Minister of the Interior in , and retained that office until In he represented Austria at the conference on the Balkan question.

In he was appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs, but soon resigned. Employed to negotiate the defection of the American general Arnold, and the delivery of the works at West Point, he was apprehended in disguise, 23rd Sept.

His remains were brought to England in and interred in Westminster Abbey, where a monument has been erected to his memory. He was the author of numerous tracts, several of them of an amusing and satirical character.

He was long believed to be the founder of the celebrated Rosicrucian order, an opinion that received a certain support from some of his works, but in all probability the real intention of the writer was to ridicule the folly of contemporary alchemists.

Andreev , Leonid Nicolaievitsh, Russian author, born in , died in He studied law at the Universities of Moscow and Petrograd, but finding his practice unremunerative he became a police-court reporter for a daily paper.

At the age of twenty-three he attempted suicide, driven to it by his miserable circumstances and struggle for existence. His first story, About a Poor Student , based upon his own experiences, attracted but little attention, and his literary career really began when Gorky discovered his talent.

He was one of the most prolific Russian writers, the short story being his speciality. He was a mystic and a fatalist, like so many of his compatriots.

His works have been translated into many European languages. Andrew, St. Peter, and the first disciple whom Christ chose. Andrew's cross.

The Russians revere him as the apostle who brought the gospel to them; the Scots, as the patron saint of their country.

The day dedicated to him is 30th Nov. The Russian order of St. Andrew was instituted by Peter the Great in For the Scottish Knights of St.

Andrew or the Thistle, see Thistle. In he became Bishop of Chichester; in was translated to Ely, and appointed one of the king's privy-councillors; and in he was translated to Winchester.

He was one of those engaged in preparing the authorized version of the Scriptures. He left sermons, lectures, and other writings.

The cathedral, now in ruins, was begun about , and took years to finish. The old castle, founded about , and rebuilt in the fourteenth century, is also an almost shapeless ruin.

There are several other interesting ruins. The trade and manufactures are of no importance, but the town is in favour as a watering-place.

Golf is much played here. Andrews , the oldest of the Scottish universities, founded in , consists of the united colleges of St. Salvator and St. Leonard and the college of St.

Mary, both at St. Andrews, and embraces also University College, Dundee. In the colleges of St. Leonard were restricted to the teaching of arts and medicine, and that of St.

Mary to theology. In the two former colleges were united by Act of Parliament. University College, Dundee, was founded in The united college of St.

Leonard has a principal who is also principal of the university and twelve professors, and the college of St. Mary has a principal and four professors.

Degrees, open to women as well as men, are conferred in arts, divinity, science, medicine, and law; and the university also confers the diploma and title of L.

Lady Literate in Arts. The number of students is In connection with the university is a library, founded in and containing about , printed volumes and MSS.

The university unites with the other three Scottish universities in returning three members to Parliament. Madras College or Academy, founded by Dr.

Bell of Madras, the principal secondary school of the place, provides accommodation for upwards of scholars.

After practising and teaching chemistry for ten years in Belfast, he became vice-president of the Northern College there, which in was converted into Queen's College, and Andrews now became professor of chemistry in the college, a post which he held till He died in , having received various academic distinctions in [] the course of his life.

His name is associated with valuable researches on the heat of chemical combustion, and on the nature of ozone, but especially with the discovery of the existence of a critical temperature for every gas, above which it cannot be liquefied by any pressure, however great.

He wrote many scientific papers, which have been published in a collective form by P. Tait and A. Crum Brown. Androclus , or Androcles , a Roman slave who once pulled a thorn out of a lion's paw and dressed the wound.

Androclus was afterwards condemned to be thrown to the lions in the Circus Maximus, and encountered the same lion that he had helped; the beast, instead of attacking him, fawned on him and caressed him.

The passage describing her parting with Hector, when he was setting out to battle, is well known and much admired Iliad , vi, Euripides and Racine have made her the chief character of tragedies.

To appease the offended god, Andromeda was chained to a rock, but was rescued by Perseus; and after death was changed into a constellation.

The legend forms the subject of tragedies by Euripides and Sophocles, and Ovid introduced it into his Metamorphoses.

His reign is celebrated for the invasion of the Turks. In he gave way to his brother Manuel, and died a monk.

A few fragments of his works have come down to us. He arranged Aristotle's works in much the same form as they retain in present editions. On the top was a Triton, which indicated the direction of the wind.

Each of the sides had a sort of dial, and the building formerly contained a clepsydra or water-clock. Others also are fragrant.

A considerable trade is done in silk, wine, olives, figs, oranges, and lemons. Andro or Castro, the capital, has a good port. Andros Islands , a group of isles belonging to the Bahamas, lying south-west of New Providence, not far from the east entrance to the Gulf of Florida.

The passages through them are dangerous. Andrussovo , a Russian village in the government of Smolensk. A treaty was signed here between Poland and Russia This force is usually measured by the pressure of the wind upon a square plate attached to one end of a spiral spring with its axis horizontal , which yields more or less according to the force of the wind, and transmits its motion to a pencil which leaves a trace upon paper moved by clockwork.

Various instruments have been devised for this purpose, but the one most commonly adopted by [] meteorological stations is after the type invented by Dr.

Robinson of Armagh. It consists of four hemispherical cups A attached to the ends of equal horizontal arms, forming a horizontal cross which turns freely about a vertical axis B.

By means of an endless screw carried by the axis a train of wheelwork is set in motion; and the indication is given by a hand which moves round a dial; or in some instruments by several hands moving round different dials like those of a gas-meter.

It is found that the centre of each cup moves with a velocity which is almost exactly one-third of that of the wind. There are various other forms of the instrument, one of which is portable, and is especially intended for measuring the velocity of currents of air passing through mines, and the ventilating spaces of hospitals and other public buildings.

The direction of the wind as indicated by a vane can also be made to leave a continuous record by various contrivances; one of the most common being a pinion carried by the shaft of a vane, and driving a rack which carries a pencil.

Several species are cultivated as florists' flowers. See Celtic Literature. Aneurisms arise partly from the too violent motion of the blood, and partly from degenerative changes occurring in the coats of the artery, diminishing their elasticity.

They are therefore more frequent in the great branches; in particular, in the vicinity of the heart, in the arch of the aorta, and in the extremities, where the arteries are exposed to frequent injuries by stretching, violent bodily exertions, thrusts, falls, and contusions.

An internal aneurism may burst and cause death. Angel Gr. To these the name of good angels is sometimes given, to distinguish them from bad angels, who were originally created to occupy the same blissful abode, but lost it by rebellion.

The Old Testament represents them as messengers of the Divine will, and Christ spoke of them more than once St. Luke , xv, Generally, however, Scripture speaks of angels with great reserve, Michael and Gabriel alone being mentioned by name in the canonical books, while Raphael is mentioned in the Apocrypha.

The angels are represented in Scripture as in the most elevated state of intelligence, purity, and bliss, ever doing the will of God so perfectly that we can seek for nothing higher or better than to aim at being like them.

They are represented as frequently taking part in communications made from heaven to earth, as directly and actively ministering to the good of believers, and shielding or delivering them from evils incident to their earthly lot.

That every person has a [] good and a bad angel attendant on him was an early belief, and is held to some extent yet. Roman Catholics, since St.

Ambrosius, who died in , show a certain veneration or worship to angels, and beg their prayers and their kind offices. The New Testament, however, formally forbidding such veneration Col.

Angel , a gold coin introduced into England in the reign of Edward IV, and coined down to the Commonwealth, so named from having the representation of the archangel Michael piercing a dragon upon it.

It had different values in different reigns, varying from 6 s. It is from 6 to 8 feet long, and takes its name from its pectoral fins, which are very large, extending horizontally like wings when spread.

This fish connects the rays with the sharks, but it differs from both in having its mouth placed at the extremity of the head.

It is common on the south coasts of Britain, and is also called Monk-fish and Fiddle-fish. It has a large fleshy aromatic root, and a strong-furrowed branched stem as high as a man.

It is cultivated for its agreeable aromatic odour and carminative properties. Its blanched stems, candied with sugar, form a very agreeable sweetmeat, possessing tonic and stomachic qualities.

Born , he entered the Dominican order in , and was employed by Cosmo de' Medici in painting the monastery of St. Mark and the church of St.

Annunziata with frescoes. These pictures gained him so much celebrity that Pope Nicholas V invited him to Rome to ornament his private chapel in the Vatican, and offered him the archbishopric of Florence, which Angelico declined.

He died at, Rome He has been called the 'painter of seraphic dreams'. His works were considered unrivalled in finish and in sweetness and harmony of colour, and were made the models for religious painters of his own and succeeding generations.

See Buonarotti. Hence, also, the bell tolled in the morning, at noon, and in the evening to indicate the time when the angelus is to be recited.

The prayer is attributed to St. Bonaventura, and in Germany and Italy it is called 'Ave Maria'. It is navigable for nearly 70 miles for vessels of tons.

In the neighbourhood are immense slate-quarries. Angilbert, St. In the latter part of his life he retired to a monastery, of which he became abbot.

Died The disease rarely occurs before middle age, and is more frequent in men than in women. Those liable to attack must lead a quiet, temperate life, avoiding all scenes which would unduly rouse their emotions.

The first attack is occasionally fatal, but usually death occurs as the result of repeated seizures. Exogens are divided into those whose seeds are enclosed in a seed-vessel, and those with seeds produced and ripened without the production of a seed-vessel.

Angle , the point where two lines meet, or the meeting of two lines in a point. A plane rectilineal angle is formed by two straight lines which meet one another, but are not in the same straight line; it may be considered the degree of opening or divergence of the two straight lines which thus meet one another.

A right angle is an angle formed by a straight line falling on another perpendicularly, or an angle which is measured by an arc of 90 degrees.

When a straight line, as A B fig. An acute angle is that which is less than a right angle, as E B C. An obtuse angle is that which is greater than a right angle, as E B D.

Acute and obtuse angles are both called oblique , in opposition to right angles. Exterior or external angles , the angles of any rectilineal figure without it, made by producing the sides; thus, if the sides A B , B C , C A of the triangle A B C fig.

A solid angle is that which is made by more than two plane angles meeting in one point and not lying in the same plane, as the angle of a cube.

A spherical angle is an angle on the surface of a sphere, contained between the arcs of two great circles which intersect each other. Angler Lophius piscatorius , also from its habits and appearance called Fishing-frog and Sea-devil , a remarkable fish often found on the British coasts.

It is from 3 to 5 feet long; the head is very wide, depressed, with protuberances, and bearing long separate movable tendrils; the mouth is capacious, and armed with formidable teeth.

Its voracity is extreme, and it is said to lie concealed in the mud, and attract the smaller fishes within its reach by gently waving the filamentous appendages on its head.

Angles , a Low German tribe who in the earliest historical period had their seats in the district about Angeln, in the duchy of Schleswig, and who in the fifth century and subsequently crossed over to Britain along with bands of Saxons and Jutes and probably Frisians also , and colonized a great part of what from them has received the name of England, as well as a portion of the Lowlands of Scotland.

The Angles formed the largest body among the Germanic settlers in Britain, and founded the three kingdoms of East Anglia, Mercia, and Northumbria.

The surface is comparatively flat, and the climate is milder than that of the adjoining coast. The chief agricultural products are oats and barley, wheat, rye, potatoes, and turnips.

Numbers of cattle and sheep are raised. The Menai Strait is crossed by a magnificent suspension-bridge, feet between the piers and feet above high-water mark, and also by the great Britannia Tubular Railway Bridge.

The chief market-towns are Beaumaris, Holyhead, Llangefni, and Amlweh. The county returns one member to Parliament. He was educated at Oxford, and in entered Parliament as member for the Carnarvon boroughs.

In he entered the army, and in he took part in the campaign in Flanders under the Duke of York. In he became, by his father's death, Earl of Uxbridge.

On Napoleon's escape from Elba he was appointed commander of the British cavalry, and at the [] battle of Waterloo, by the charge of the heavy brigade, overthrew the Imperial Guard.

For his services he was created Marquess of Anglesey. In he became Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland and made himself extremely popular, but was recalled in consequence of favouring Catholic Emancipation.

He was again Lord-Lieutenant in , but lost his popularity by his opposition to O'Connell and his instrumentality in the passing of the Irish Coercion Acts; and he quitted office in From he was Master-General of the Ordnance.

Anglicanism , the term is capable of a wider use, but is usually employed as descriptive of the type of doctrine formulated by the Church of England in the period of the Protestant Reformation.

The two most notable formularies of that period are the Confession of Faith, known as the Thirty-nine Articles, which assumed its present shape in , and the Liturgy, known as the Book of Common Prayer, issued in in what was substantially its present shape.

The Articles are not and never were binding upon laymen. Moyes, Aspects of Anglicanism ; F. Kinsman, Principles of Anglicanism.

Angling , the art of catching fish with a hook or angle A. We find occasional allusions to this pursuit among the Greek and Latin classical writers; it is mentioned several times in the Old Testament, and it was practised by the ancient Egyptians.

The first reference to angling in England is a passage in a tract, entitled Piers Fulham , supposed to have been written about the year The oldest work on the subject in English is the Treatyse of Fysshinge with an Angle , printed by Wynkyn de Worde in , along with a treatise on hunting and hawking, the whole being ascribed to Dame Juliana Berners or Barnes, prioress of a nunnery near St.

Walton's inimitable discourse on angling was first printed in The chief appliances required by an angler are a rod, line, hooks, and baits. Rods are made of various materials, and of various sizes.

The cane rods are lightest, and where fishing-tackle is sold they most commonly have the preference; but in country places the rod is often of the angler's own manufacture.

Rods are commonly made in separate joints, so as to be easily taken to pieces and put up again. They are made to taper from the butt end to the top, and are usually possessed of a considerable amount of elasticity.

In length they may vary from 10 feet to more than double that length, with a corresponding difference in strength—a rod for salmon being necessarily much stronger than one suited for ordinary burn trout.

The reel , an apparatus for winding up the line, is attached to the rod near the lower end, where the hand grasps it while fishing. The best are usually made of brass, are of simple construction, and so made as to wind or unwind freely and rapidly.

That part of the line which passes along the rod and is wound on the reel is called the reel line , and may vary from 20 to yards in length, according to the size of the water and the habits of the fish angled for; it is usually made of twisted horse-hair and silk, or of oiled silk alone.

The casting line, which is attached to this, is made of the same materials, but lighter and finer. To the end of this is tied a piece of fine gut, on which the hook, or hooks, are fixed.

The casting or gut lines should decrease in thickness from the reel line to the hooks. The hook, of finely-tempered steel, should readily bend without breaking, and yet retain a sharp point.

It should be long in the shank and deep in the bend; the point straight and true to the level of the shank; and the barb long.

Their sizes and sorts must of course entirely depend on the kind of fish that is angled for. For heavy fish or strong streams a cork float is used; in slow water and for lighter fish quill floats.

Baits may consist of a great variety of materials, natural or artificial. The wings may be made of the feathers of domestic fowls, or any others of a showy colour.

Artificial minnows, or other small fish, are also used by way of bait, and are so contrived as to spin rapidly when drawn through the water in order to attract the notice of the fish angled for.

Angling, especially with the fly, demands a great deal of skill and practice, the casting of the line properly being the initial difficulty.

Nowhere is the art pursued with greater success and enthusiasm than in Britain and the United States. Hutchinson, Fishing 2 vols.

Sheringham, Elements of Angling ; W. Gallichan, The Complete Fisherman. Anglo-Catholic , a term sometimes used to designate those churches which hold the principles of the English Reformation, the Anglican or Established Church of England and the allied churches.

The term is also applied to that party in the English Church which favours doctrines and religious forms closely approaching those of the Roman Catholic Church, objects to be called Protestant, and corresponds closely with the Ritualistic section of the Church.

Anglo-Saxons , the name commonly given to the nation or people formed by the amalgamation of the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, who settled in Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries after Christ, the Anglo-Saxons being simply the English people of the earlier period of English history.

The tribes who were thus the ancestors of the bulk of the English-speaking nationalities came from North Germany, where they inhabited the parts about the mouths of the Elbe and Weser, and the first body of them who gained a footing in Britain are said to have landed in , and to have been led by Hengist and Horsa.

From the preponderance of the Angles the whole country came to be called Engla-land , that is, the land of the Angles or English. Many scholars object to the term 'Anglo-Saxon' as being inaccurate and open to misinterpretation.

Camden is responsible for the widespread use of the term; ignorance is responsible for the misuse. Many scholars prefer to apply the term 'Old English' to the language and people of England before A.

The whole Anglo-Saxon community was frequently spoken of as consisting of the eorls and the ceorls , or the nobles and common freemen.

They served as agricultural labourers on their masters' estates, and were mere chattels, as absolutely the property of their master as his cattle.

The king cyning , cyng was at the head of the State; he was the highest of the nobles and the chief magistrate. He was not looked upon as ruling by any Divine Right, but by the will of the people, as represented by the witan wise men or great council of the nation.

The new king was not always the direct and nearest heir of the late king, but one of the royal family whose abilities and character recommended him for the office.

Next in rank and dignity to the king were the ealdormen , who were the chief witan or counsellors, and without whose assent laws could not be made, altered, or abrogated.

The ealdormen led the fyrd or armed force of the county, and the ealdorman, as such, held possession of certain lands attached to the office, and was entitled to a share of fines and other moneys levied for the king's use and passing through his hands.

The whole executive government may be considered as a great aristocratical association, of which the ealdormen were the [] members, and the king little more than the president.

The ealdorman and the king were both surrounded by a number of followers called thegnas or thanes, who were bound by close ties to their superior.

The king's thanes were the higher in rank; they possessed a certain quantity of land, smaller in amount than that of an ealdorman, and they filled offices connected with the personal service of the king or with the administration of justice.

The shires were divided into hundreds and tithings, the latter consisting of ten heads of families, who were jointly responsible to the State for the good conduct of any member of their body.

For the trial and settlement of minor causes there was a hundred court held once a month. One of the peculiar features of Anglo-Saxon society was the wergyld , which was established for the settling of feuds.

A sum, paid either in kind or in money, was placed upon the life of every freeman, according to his rank in the State, his birth, or his office.

From the operation of this principle no one from king to peasant was exempt. Agriculture, including especially the raising of cattle, sheep, and swine, was the chief occupation of the Anglo-Saxons.

Gardens and orchards are frequently mentioned, and vineyards were common in the southern counties.

The forests were extensive, and valuable both from the mast they produced for the swine, and from the beasts of the chase which they harboured.

Hunting was a favourite recreation among the higher ranks, both lay and clerical. Fishing was largely carried on, herrings and salmon being the principal fish caught; and the Anglo-Saxon whaling vessels used to go as far as Iceland.

The manufactures were naturally of small moment. Iron was made to some extent, and some cloth, and saltworks were numerous.

In embroidery and working of gold the English were famous over Europe. There was a considerable trade at London, which was frequented by Normans, French, Flemings, and the merchants of the Hanse towns.

Our Anglo-Saxon forefathers were notorious for their excess in eating and drinking, and in this respect formed a strong contrast to their Norman conquerors.

Ale, mead, and cider were the common beverages, wine being limited to the higher classes. Pork and eels were favourite articles of food.

The houses were rude structures, but were often richly furnished and hung with fine tapestry. The dress of the people was loose and flowing, composed chiefly of linen, and often adorned with embroidery.

The men wore their hair long and flowing over their shoulders. Christianity was introduced among the Anglo-Saxons in the end of the sixth century by St.

Kent, then under King Ethelred, was the first place where it took root, and thence it soon spread over the rest of the country.

The Anglo-Saxon Church long remained independent of Rome, notwithstanding the continual efforts of the Popes to bring it under their power. It was not till the tenth century that this result was brought about by Dunstan.

Many Anglo-Saxon ecclesiastics were distinguished for learning and ability, but the Venerable Bede holds the first place.

Anglo-Saxon Language. It was called by those who spoke it Englisc English. The existing remains of Anglo-Saxon literature show different dialects, of which the northern and the southern were the principal.

The former was the first to be cultivated as a literary language, but afterwards it was supplanted in this respect by the southern or that of Wessex.

It is in the latter that the principal Anglo-Saxon works are written. The Anglo-Saxon alphabet was substantially the same as that which we still use, except that some of the letters were different in form, while it had two characters either of which represented the sounds of th in thy and in thing.

Nouns and adjectives are declined much as in German or in Latin. The pronouns of the first and second person had a dual number, 'we two' or 'us two' and 'you two', besides the plural for more than two.

The [] infinitive of the verb is in -an , the participle in -ende , and there is a gerund somewhat similar in its usage to the Latin gerund.

The verb had four moods—indicative, subjunctive, imperative, and infinitive, but only two tenses, the present often used as a future and the past.

Other tenses and the passive voice were formed by auxiliary verbs. Anglo-Saxon words terminated in a vowel much more frequently than the modern English, and altogether the language is so different that it has to be learned quite like a foreign tongue.

Yet, notwithstanding the large number of words of Latin or French origin that our language now contains, and the changes it has undergone, its framework, so to speak, is still Anglo-Saxon.

Many chapters of the New Testament do not contain more than 4 per cent of non-Teutonic words, and as a whole it averages perhaps 6 or 7.

The existing remains of Anglo-Saxon literature include compositions in prose and poetry, some of which must be referred to a very early period, one or two perhaps to a time before the Angles and Saxons emigrated to England.

The most important Anglo-Saxon poem is the ancient epic of Beowulf , extending to more than lines.

Beowulf is a Scandinavian prince, who slays a monster named Grendel, after encountering supernatural perils, and is at last slain in a contest with a frightful dragon.

Its scene appears to be laid entirely in Scandinavia. Its date is uncertain; parts of it may have been brought over at the emigration from Germany, though in its present form it is much later than this.

His poems consist of paraphrases of considerable portions of the Bible history, and treat of the creation, the temptation, the fall, the exodus of the Israelites, the story of Daniel, the incarnation, and the harrowing of hell, or release of the ransomed souls by Christ.

Other most interesting poems are those ascribed to Cynewulf, the Christ , Elene , and Juliana , the subjects respectively being Christ, the finding of the cross by the Empress Helena, and the life of Juliana.

Rhyme was not used in Anglo-Saxon poetry, alliteration being employed instead, as in the older northern poetry generally.

The style of the poetry is highly elliptical, and it is full of harsh inversions and obscure metaphors. Ornament on front left is formed by means of plates of thin gold and wire, with bosses of ivory and red glass.

Many of these were translations from the Latin. The Anglo-Saxon versions of the Gospels, next to the Moeso-Gothic, are the earliest scriptural translations in any modern language.

The Psalms are said to have been translated by Bishop Aldhelm died , and also under Alfred's direction; and the Gospel of St. John by Bede; but it is not known who were the authors of the extant versions.

King Alfred was a diligent author, besides being a translator of Latin works. The most valuable to us of the Anglo-Saxon prose writings is the Saxon Chronicle , as it is called, a collection of annals recording important events in the history of the country, and compiled in different religious houses.

Of this Chronicle there are seven MSS. A considerable body of laws remains, as well as a large number of charters. The whole of the literature has never yet been printed.

For Anglo-Saxon history, see England. Anglo-Saxon Law. We hear, also, of laws issued by other kings which have been lost, and there must have been a considerable body of traditional law which was never committed to writing.

What laws are extant, show us a society mainly agricultural, divided by birth into a noble, a free peasant, and a servile class.

There was also a dependent class in Kent, intermediate between the freeman and the slave. The strongest social ties were those of the kindred, and the relationship between lord and man.

The laws were issued by the king and his councillors. Cases were decided by the production of oaths which varied in value according to the rank of the swearer, or by the several forms of the ordeal.

No distinction was made between civil and criminal law, and even homicide could be atoned for by payment of a sum varying according to the social status of the dead man.

The object of the laws was to restrict private vengeance, to prevent and punish theft primarily of cattle , to stop dishonest trading, to secure the persons and residences of the people, to enforce the mutual obligations of relatives, and masters and men, to provide adequate defence for the kingdom by means of garrisoned boroughs and a well-armed mounted infantry, to protect the helpless, and to safeguard the rights of the Church and its servants.

The early laws present considerable difficulty owing to their antiquity. Max Niemeyer. Chadwick, Studies in Anglo-Saxon Institutions.

It is a country of varied features, and its resources, as yet hardly known, are probably very great. The province is rich in malachite, copper, iron, petroleum, and salt; rubber supplies are becoming exhausted.

The Coanza Kwanza is the largest river. The capital is the seaport of Loanda; other ports are Benguella or Benguela and Mossamedes.

Three railways now run inland from these places. It is a plateau with an average height of feet, the name being derived from the Angoni, a race of mixed Zulu blood, who used to make murderous raids on their neighbours, and have given much trouble to the missionaries and others.

All the animals of this region are long haired, especially the goats see Goat , sheep, and cats. A railway connects it with Skutari.

A treaty concluded with France was ratified by the Angora Government on 23rd Oct. The bark is valuable as a tonic and febrifuge, and is also used for a kind of bitters.

From this bark being adulterated, indeed sometimes entirely replaced, by the poisonous bark of Strychnos Nux-Vomica , its use as a medicine has been almost given up.

Calvin lived here for three years Angra do Heroismo , the chief seaport of Terceira, one of the Azores, with the only convenient harbour in the whole group.

Africa, where the Bremen commercial firm Lüderitz in acquired a strip of territory and established a trading station. See South-West Africa.

A little sugar, cotton, tobacco, and maize is grown. There is a saline lake in the centre, which yields salt. All sorts of grain, wheat especially, are grown in abundance; also flax, rape, potatoes, tobacco, hops, and fruit.

Excellent cattle are bred. The dukes of Anhalt traced their origin to Bernard , son of Albert the Bear.

In time the family split up into numerous branches, and the territory was afterwards held by three dukes Anhalt-Köthen, Anhalt-Bernburg, and Anhalt-Dessau.

In the Duke of Anhalt-Dessau became sole heir to the three duchies. The united principality, incorporated in the German Empire, had one vote in the Bundesrath and two in the Reichstag.

The executive power, previous to the changes resulting from the European War, was vested in the duke, and the legislative in a Diet of thirty-six members.

The reigning duke in was Eduard, who succeeded his brother on 21st April, With the outbreak of the revolution in Germany in Anhalt became a republic, but its status in the German Republic still remains to be determined.

The chief towns are Dessau, Bernburg, Köthen, and Zerbst. They were formerly called anhydrous acids. The vulpinite of Italy possesses a granular structure, resembling a coarse-grained marble, and is used in sculpture.

Its colour is greyish-white, intermingled with blue. In the thirteenth century it was taken by the Tartars, and was destroyed by an earthquake in See Anio.

It was first prepared by Unverdorben, in , by distillation of indigo. Aniline is present in small quantity in coal-tar, and is prepared commercially from benzene by transforming it by means of nitric acid into nitro-benzene and reducing this with scrap-iron and hydrochloric acid.

The substance can also be prepared by reducing nitro-benzene electrolytically. It is a basic substance, and forms crystalline salts with acids.

The salts, like aniline itself, become coloured on exposure to air. Many dyes are prepared from aniline, e.

Several medicinal substances are also prepared from aniline, for instance, antifebrin and atoxyl. It may be either acute or chronic.

In a slight attack of the former kind, the lips, cheeks, and ears become of a bluish colour, and the person's walk may be unsteady; in severe cases there is loss of consciousness.

Animal , an organized and sentient living being. Life in the earlier periods of natural history was attributed almost exclusively to animals. With the progress of science, however, it was extended to plants.

In the case of the higher animals and plants there is no difficulty in assigning the individual to one of the two great kingdoms of organic nature, but in their lowest manifestations the vegetable and animal kingdoms are brought into such immediate contact that it becomes almost impossible to assign them precise limits, and to say with certainty where the one begins and the other ends.

From form no absolute distinction can be fixed between animals and plants. With regard to internal structure no line of demarcation can be laid down, all plants and animals being, in this respect, fundamentally similar; that is, alike composed of molecular, cellular, and fibrous tissues.

Neither are the chemical characters of animal and vegetable substances more distinct. Animals contain in their tissues and fluids a larger proportion of nitrogen than plants, whilst plants are richer in carbonaceous compounds than the former.

In some animals, moreover, substances almost exclusively confined to plants are found. Thus the outer wall of the Sea-squirts contains cellulose , a substance largely found in plant-tissues; whilst chlorophyll , the colouring-matter of plants, occurs in Hydra and many other lower animals.

Power of motion , again, though broadly distinctive of animals, cannot be said to be absolutely characteristic of them. The distinctive points between animals and plants which are most to be relied on are those derived from the nature and mode of assimilation of the food.

Plants feed on inorganic matters , consisting of water, ammonia, carbonic acid, and mineral matters. They can only take in food which is presented to them in a liquid or gaseous state.

The exceptions to these rules are found chiefly in the case of plants which live parasitically on other plants or animals, in which cases the plant may be said to feed on organic matters, represented by the juices of their hosts.

Animals, on the contrary, require organized matters for food. They feed either upon plants or upon other animals.

But even carnivorous animals can be shown to be dependent upon plants for subsistence; since the animals upon which Carnivora prey are in their turn supported by plants.

Animals, further, can subsist on solid food in addition to liquids and gases; but many animals such as the Tapeworms live by the mere imbibition of fluids which are absorbed by their tissues, such forms possessing no distinct digestive system.

Animals require a due supply of oxygen gas for their sustenance, this gas being used in respiration. Plants, on the contrary, require carbonic acid.

The animal exhales or gives out carbonic acid as the part result of its tissue-waste, whilst the plant, taking in this gas, is enabled to decompose it into its constituent carbon and oxygen.

The plant retains the former for the uses of its economy, and liberates the oxygen, which is thus restored to the atmosphere for the use of the animal.

Animals receive their food into the interior of their bodies, and assimilation takes place in their internal surfaces. Plants, on the other hand, receive their food into their external surfaces, and assimilation is effected in the external parts, as is exemplified in the leaf-surfaces under the influence of sunlight.

Parker and W. The larger examples are just visible to the naked eye, but most of them are strictly microscopic. Some are pigmented, but the majority are colourless.

The term is not applicable to a particular zoological type, but it is customary to confine it to the 'Protozoa', 'Rotifera', or 'Wheel Animalcules'.

Animal Heat. All animals possess a certain amount of heat or temperature which is necessary for the performance of vital action. The only classes of animals in which a constantly-elevated temperature is kept up are birds and mammals.

The bodily heat of the former varies from Below birds, animals are named 'cold-blooded', this term meaning in its [] strictly-physiological sense that their temperature is usually that of the medium in which they live, and that it varies with that of the surrounding medium.

The temperature of 'warm-blooded' animals is remarkably constant, although there are individual variations. In man this variation is slight, amounting only to fractions of a degree.

The cause of the evolution of heat in the animal body is referred to the union by a process resembling ordinary combustion of the carbon and hydrogen of the system with the oxygen taken in from the air in the process of respiration.

Animals, Cruelty to , an offence against which societies have been formed and laws passed in England and other countries.

Bull-baiting, cock-fighting, and the like are also prohibited. Provision is also made for the punishment of persons unlawfully and maliciously killing, maiming, or wounding cattle, dogs, birds, beasts, and other animals.

Animal Worship , a practice found to prevail, or to have prevailed, in the most widely-distant parts of the world, both the Old and the New, but nowhere to such an amazing extent as in ancient Egypt, notwithstanding its high civilization.

Nearly all the more important animals found in the country were regarded as sacred in some part of Egypt, and the degree of reverence paid to them was such that throughout Egypt the killing of a hawk or an ibis, whether voluntary or not, was punished with death.

The worship, however, was not, except in a few instances, paid to them as actual deities. The animals were merely regarded as sacred to the deities, and the worship paid to them was symbolical.

It is of a transparent amber colour, has a light, agreeable smell, and is soluble in alcohol. It strongly resembles copal, and, like it, is used in making varnishes.

See Copal. In modern usage the term is applied to express the general doctrine of souls and other spiritual beings, and especially to the tendency, common among savage races, to attribute souls or spirits to inanimate things, and to explain phenomena not due to obvious natural causes by attributing them to spiritual agency.

Amongst the beliefs of animism is that of a human apparitional soul, bearing the form and appearance of the body, and living after death a sort of semi-human life.

This fruit is ovate, with ten narrow ribs, between which are oil-vessels. Its flavour is similar to that of anise, and it is used for the same purposes.

An essential oil is obtained from both kinds of anise, and is used for scenting soaps and in the preparation of cordials. Im selben Jahr erhielt die Stiftskirche St.

Im Jahre initiierte Guido Knopp einen Geschichtsdiskurs, die bis jährlich stattfindenden Aschaffenburger Gespräche. In der Jägerkaserne war bis zum Ersten Weltkrieg das 2.

Königlich-Bayerische Jägerbataillon stationiert. Im Mittelalter und in der frühen Neuzeit wuchs die Bevölkerung von Aschaffenburg nur langsam und ging durch die zahlreichen Kriege, Seuchen und Hungersnöte immer wieder zurück.

Mainz wurde von französischen Truppen unter General Custine erobert. Nach der Besetzung des linken Rheinufers übersiedelten zahlreiche Menschen aus Mainz und den übrigen linksrheinischen Gebieten nach Aschaffenburg; lebten dort etwa 6.

Mit der Industrialisierung im Jahrhundert setzte sich das Bevölkerungswachstum fort. Um lebten ca. Deutlich sichtbar sind die Auswirkungen des Zweiten Weltkrieges.

Allein beim schwersten Angriff am November starben Menschen. Die Bevölkerungszahl sank von Im Jahre wurde der Vorkriegsstand wieder erreicht.

Da die Volkszählung Zensus die Einwohnerzahl in Deutschland insgesamt deutlich nach unten korrigierte, wurde auch die Einwohnerzahl Aschaffenburgs des Dezember von Mai fortgeschrieben und dabei nach einem bestimmten Faktor pauschal auf Bereits am Dezember wurde mit Dezember deutlich überschritten.

Die folgende Übersicht zeigt die Einwohnerzahlen nach dem jeweiligen Gebietsstand. Vor wurde die Einwohnerzahl nach uneinheitlichen Erhebungsverfahren ermittelt.

Ende waren von den Nachdem Herzog bereits in den Jahren , und die Wahlen für sich entscheiden konnte, durfte er bei der Oberbürgermeisterwahl aus Altersgründen nicht mehr kandidieren.

Nach der Kommunalwahl am März ergab sich folgende Sitzverteilung. Die Wahl am März brachte folgende Sitzverteilung:.

Der zweite Bürgermeister und Stellvertreter des Oberbürgermeisters wird alle sechs Jahre jeweils nach der Stadtratswahl vom Stadtrat gewählt.

Mai wurde Jessica Euler erneut zur zweiten Bürgermeisterin gewählt. April der Stadt ihr altes Wappen zurück.

Städtepartnerschaften mit: [34]. Vom Juni feierte die Stadt Aschaffenburg mit Perth das jährige Jubiläum der gemeinsamen Partnerschaft.

In Aschaffenburg und seinen Stadtteilen werden, wie in den umgebenden Orten, verschiedene Varianten der Untermainländischen Dialekte gesprochen. Man spricht somit einen südhessischen und nicht, wie oft geglaubt, einen Unterfränkischen Dialekt.

Die am Dezember 8. Aktuell gibt es in Aschaffenburg neben einer Hobbymannschaft und Nachwuchsmannschaften beim 1. Aschaffenburger Eissportverein e.

Quelle: rodi-db. Überregionale Bekanntheit besitzt der Traditionsverein Viktoria Aschaffenburg , der seine Heimspiele im städtischen Stadion am Schönbusch austrägt.

Nach vielen Jahren in der höchsten deutschen Spielklasse in den fünfziger Jahren spielte der Verein nach dem Abstieg aus der zweiten Bundesliga ab , von kurzen Unterbrechungen abgesehen, in der Oberliga Hessen.

Mit zwei Mannschaft-Meistertiteln und vier Vizemeistertiteln gehörte die Mannschaft Anfang der er Jahre zu den erfolgreichsten deutschen Mannschaften im Ringen.

Aschaffenburg weist die höchste Dichte an Gaststätten und Kneipen in Bayern auf — auf rund Einwohner entfällt ein Betrieb der Gastronomie.

Bis fanden alljährlich die Aschaffenburger Gespräche statt. In der Stadt gibt es ca. Der Raum Aschaffenburg war eines der traditionellen Zentren der deutschen Textilindustrie.

Zu Beginn des Jahrhunderts waren rund Die arme Bevölkerung im Spessart verdiente sich mit Heimarbeit als Zulieferer für die Fabriken ein dringend benötigtes Zubrot.

Durch die Globalisierung und die Verlagerung von lohnintensiven Branchen in Billiglohnländer wurden in der Region viele Arbeitsplätze in der Fertigung abgebaut, die Unternehmen sind aber weitgehend noch vor Ort und ziehen überregional Kunden durch ihren Fabrikverkauf an.

Bedingt durch den Holzreichtum des Spessarts war Aschaffenburg traditionell auch Zentrum der Papierindustrie. In den Betrieben werden Verpackungs- und Sanitärpapiere hergestellt.

Anfang hat das Unternehmen Pollmeier Massivholz auf dem Aschaffenburger Hafengelände Bayernhafen ein neues Sägewerk in Betrieb genommen, in dem neue Arbeitsplätze entstanden sind.

Die Investitionssumme betrug rund Millionen Euro. Die Stadt erwartet dadurch Impulse für Forstwirtschaft und Waldbesitz sowie die Schaffung weiterer Arbeitsplätze bei Zulieferunternehmen.

Dazu kommen weitere Zulieferer in der Stadt und in der Region. Weitere Zulieferer und Dienstleister aus der Fahrzeugbranche befinden sich in der Umgebung Aschaffenburgs.

Auch die Hochschule Aschaffenburg ist in der Fahrzeugbranche engagiert. In der Region siedeln sich auch viele Unternehmen für Mess- und Regeltechnik an.

An Bedeutung gewinnen die Unternehmen für Informationstechnik und Softwareberatung. Es gibt Fach- und 26 Allgemeinärzte, sowie 68 Zahnärzte und 38 Apotheken.

Hinzu kommen seniorengerechte Wohnungen in 14 Wohnanlagen und ca. Über Geschäfte laden derzeit in Aschaffenburg auf über Des Weiteren befindet sich hier die City-Galerie , das mit ebenfalls über Mit einer Kaufkraftkennziffer von ,4 liegt der Aschaffenburger Bürger weit über dem Landesdurchschnitt Das entspricht einer Kaufkraft von Mit all diesen Geschäften werden nicht nur die über Insgesamt ergibt das rund Ein ursprünglich geplantes Technologiezentrum kam nicht zustande.

Es bestehen zahlreiche Nah- sowie Fernverkehrsmöglichkeiten. Mitte wurde das Empfangsgebäude des Hauptbahnhofes abgebrochen. Januar wurde das neu errichtete Bahnhofgebäude vom Bundesverkehrsminister Peter Ramsauer seiner Bestimmung übergeben.

Nach der Stadt ist ein Intercity-Express benannt. Im Jahr lag der Güterumschlag bei 2,8 Mio. Tonnen, bei 3,3 Mio. Von bis war Aschaffenburg eine der Anlaufstellen der Kettenschifffahrt auf dem Main.

Einige Kilometer westlich von Aschaffenburg, am Seligenstädter Dreieck liegt der südliche Endpunkt der Bundesautobahn 45 Dortmund-Aschaffenburg, der sog.

Laut Planfeststellungsbeschluss der Regierung von Unterfranken vom November soll die B 26 zur Ertüchtigung der Zufahrten zum Mainhafen Aschaffenburg auf einer Länge von 1,3 km vierstreifig ausgebaut und mit Abbiegespuren versehen werden.

Begünstigt wurden diese unterschiedlichen, aber im Zentrum von Damm identischen Projekte durch die Folgen des Luftkriegs, nämlich die völlige Zerstörung der Nordseite der ehemaligen Kästergasse.

Danach, aber ebenfalls noch Mitte der er Jahre, wurde die Ebertbrücke fertiggestellt. Ein weiteres Teilstück in der Oststadt ist seit dem Juni verkehrswirksam.

Möglich wurde dies, wie schon beim südlichen Abschnitt entlang der Bahnstrecke Aschaffenburg—Miltenberg durch die Jahrzehnte zuvor erfolgte Stilllegung von Gleisanlagen.

Fünf Brücken überqueren in Aschaffenburg den Main. Innerhalb des Stadtgebietes gibt es 15 Buslinien der Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg , die im , , und Minuten-Takt bedient werden.

Aschaffenburg ist Sitz eines Landgerichts. Eine Justizvollzugsanstalt befindet sich im Stadtteil Strietwald.

Die ca. Mehr als Kurse werden jährlich in der Volkshochschule Aschaffenburg für Sie wurde eröffnet und gilt als älteste Musikschule Deutschlands.

Unterstützt werden die Schulen Aschaffenburgs durch die Stadtbibliothek, bei der fast Aschaffenburg besitzt seit Jahrzehnten auch eine von 10 in Deutschland existierenden Steinmetz -Meisterschulen.

Die Fachakademie für Sozialpädagogik ist eine Ausbildungsstätte für Erzieher. Sie befindet sich im Stadtteil Damm und wird vom Landkreis Aschaffenburg finanziert.

Rund 50 Absolventen werden jährlich verabschiedet. Die Einrichtung wurde gegründet und ist seit Mitte der er Jahre besonders für ihre jährlichen Musicalaufführungen in der Maintalhalle Mainaschaff im Umkreis bekannt.

Bereits erfolgte die Umbenennung. Die Hochschule bestand auch nach dem Aberkennen des Universitätsstatus in umgewandelter Form als Bayerisches Lyzeum Aschaffenburg , einer hochschulgleichen Einrichtung des Königreich Bayerns bis fort.

Sie bestand unter verschiedenen Namen von bis , mit einer Unterbrechung von bis , in Aschaffenburg.

Zum Jubiläum wurde am ehemaligen Standort eine Stele errichtet, geschaffen von Meisterschüler Bernhard Chemin aus der Städtischen Fachschule Meisterschule für Steinmetzen und Steinbildhauer in Aschaffenburg.

Wie in vielen anderen Städten gibt es in Aschaffenburg vor allem an nichtamtlichen Messstellen hohe Stickoxid-Belastungen der Atemluft.

Casino Aschaff Alle Kinos in Aschaffenburg:

In der Nähe Veranstaltungen. Unsere Gutscheine. Ihr Team des Casino. Ihre bereits gekauften Eintrittskarten. Bitte beachten Sie, dass es aufgrund der reduzierten Kapazitäten und Stars Games Casino Anfragen zu längeren Bearbeitungszeiten kommen kann. Ohmbachsgasse 1Aschaffenburg. Vorübergehend erreichen Sie uns nur Joker Casino Ulm Email unter post at casino-aschaffenburg. Keine Erlaubnis, Ihren aktuellen Standort zu verwenden.


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