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Dragons in Games, Movies & Lore

Our website is dedicated to all Dragon lovers. These mythical creatures are being mentioned almost everywhere since ancient times. There is not a single religion which doesn't mention dragons or serpets - their supposed siblings. Check this article on wikipedia.

Dragons and Dragonoids in Games

Due to their obvious connection with all kinds of sourcery, magic, spiritualism and religion, Dragons are always found in lore / might and magic / adventure role playing games.

They have been featured in games as old as Cadilacs and Dinosaurs, Heroes of Might and Magic, Skyrim, Elysium WoW...

Types of Dragons

There are different type of dragons, and each is connected to something. They mainly vary in colors - Gold, Black, Green, Red, Blue & Yellow ones, but there are Nether or Astral type of drakes as well. There is a story going on that all Dragon mythology comes from Astral travelers. They are great beings indeed!

Or as taken from the following post:

"The Dragons are a primeval force — a spiritual and physical force. In the hierarchical order of beings they are on the same level as the angels. They are the power sources of the Earth; the power of the winds, the fire in the volcanoes, the ferocity of the storm and waves, the Ley Lines of the Earth. Dragons are admirable, intelligent and educated creatures. They have some fascinating characteristics in addition to those occasional glimpses we’re given through fairy tales and legends."

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